No ordinary Jack

blog 15 aprilMeet Vera with her bounty of organic oranges from Daily Organics!

Vera is my neighbor who is challenged with late stage dementia. Just a little back story: The gentleman in the image is Jack, not just an ordinary Jack, but a rather extraordinary man. For many years he owned a successful clothing manufacturing company in downtown L.A. Vera was his production manager and worked side by side with Jack building his company…over 30 years!

Needless to say Vera was one of his most valued employees, in fact the backbone of his thriving business. Vera had to leave the company due to symptoms related to her later diagnosed dementia. Vera had many problems associated with her illness and was not getting the care and attention she deserved or needed. She was alone and facing a myriad of devastating alternatives.

Jack reached out to Vera and became the executor of her care. He has dedicated the last five years (full time) taking care of ALL of Vera’s needs…exercise, walks when she could walk, outings, medical appointments, cleaning, healthy food, feedings, therapy… caregiving round the clock..only the best for Vera!

Surely she would have been dead by now having been abandoned by her sons, whose recourse was to call the police when Vera’s symptoms became violent. Jack is no ordinary Jack to be sure. Jack gets his organic produce for Vera from Daily Organics! Vera cannot eat solid food so Jack makes smoothies for Vera from the produce.

Another day in the neighborhood, not just any old neighborhood and not just any old neighbors! Love to you Vera and a hat tip to Jack!!!

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