Daily Organics’ Sheros!

sherosRosco’s gas gage doesn’t work..and I knew I was pushing it when I decided to make a dash to the ice stand, gearing up for tomorrow’s sale. I’m sitting in the left turn lane at the inner section of Crenshaw and Jefferson when my engine stalled. It did this three times..you know what that means..I ran out of gas.

I get out of the truck and tell the driver behind me that my truck has stalled and I’m going to push it across the street into the Chevron station..Those that have been in similar situations know that people get pissy when you stall out..this woman seemed to be quite understanding. So, I get out, put the truck in neutral and start pushing and trying to steer at the same time. My head is down pushing hard because I’ve got to make a sharp left through the intersection and hopefully into the driveway without hitting anything.

I look up, and a woman appears on the passenger side helping me to push the truck. She had been crossing the street with her children and told them to go ahead and wait on the corner: “I’m going to help this lady.” We push the truck into the gas station only after realizing that my filler is on the side of the station’s tank priced for full service. By this time the woman who had been driving the car behind me in the intersection is now in the gas station offering to help turn the truck around for the cheaper gas. Another woman who had been watching this whole scene unfold hollered out,” I got five dollars!!!” Another yelled out, “I’ve got six dollars!” They wanted me to stay put and fill up the tank!

We all hugged and laughed remarking on how wonderful we all felt helping each other and how it should be! Amazing end to a great afternoon selling Organic Produce! These lovely women are my Shero’s today…REAL Sista’s DOING it for ourselves!! By the way..I did get my ice and I’m all ready for Sunday!!! See you in the hood!!!

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