Peaches that make you go Mmmmm!


Lynn looking cheeky with a Masumoto peach!

The peaches from Masumoto Family Farm have folks talking! We’re thrilled to be providing these delicious organically-grown fruits to our DO community.

The Masumotos are a family-run farm with Mas and Marcy Masumoto at the helm, and their children Nikiko and Korio following the family lineage as artists and farmers.

The Masumotos have just released a new cookbook, with prop styling by my friend Amy Paliwoda that has us salivating. Check it out and start the summer off right with some scrumptious peach recipes!

Visit DO this weekend for some Masumoto peaches and other treats!

One thought on “Peaches that make you go Mmmmm!

  1. Amy Paliwoda says:

    Renee! Thanks for the shout out. Love you, love what you are doing…finding the very best California produce for your neighbors. You are visionary, and one of the coolest chicks I know! Thanks for inspiring me all these years…xoxoxoxoamy

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