Why I DO what I DO


Mr. Carter enjoying his grapes!

Remember the story last week about a young diabetic man passing through my neighborhood?

Mr. Carter came to the Daily Organics stand this weekend as promised…and as promised, I had his red seedless grapes! As he walked towards me from crossing the street he said,”I bet you didn’t think I would come.” I said, “I hoped you would come because I have your grapes!”

His eyes lit up as I handed him the bag of sweet crisp grapes. He immediately reached in the bag pulling free a grape, popped it in his mouth like a true connoisseur of the fruit. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes. His smile gave me the impression that he was being transported to a places called bliss.

This was a privilege to experience. Thank you Mr. Carter for showing me the true meaning of being a HUMAN BEING.

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