Being of service to community


Thank you to my hosts Lindy & Grundy and La Maison Du Pain for a great Saturday!

I have the real pleasure to meet so many interesting folk that have included me in their lives. Weekly I’m greeted with sincere affection in smiles, hugs and shared stories. Every week new and returning people are making Daily Organics a part of their weekends.

There is also a constant environment of all breeds of dogs facilitated by outdoor dining and in the case of Lindy & Grundy, a wonderful pet store which hosts dog and cat adoption on Saturdays.

Lively conversation fills the air giving me the sense that I’m the local produce lady in a resort town somewhere. At La Maison Du Pain there is a vintage V.W. bus that travels from west to east about the same time each Saturday. I can usually hear that distinct engine a half block away! The driver and the bus look as though they’ve been friends a long time…

In short, I’m part of a changing landscape in an environment centered around food, dogs and happy people. That’s what DO! is all about! I’m just goin where the love is.

Thank you all out there in this cyber world for “liking” what we’re DOING! Thank you for showing me that I’m supported in my wacky idea to feed folks!!! We’ve only just begun!

One more thing…
I want to thank my friend David Weinstein for telling me to DO it! Without David, this opportunity would not have been possible! Thank you Ann-Sophie Morrissette for ALL that you do and to our Creative team which you so skillfully curated!!! There are Angels watching over Daily Organics!

I’m grateful to be of service to my community!!!!

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