Free Range Quest is DOing it right!

ImageWe had a visit a few weeks back from Free Range Quest – the awesome David and Kristina.

They write: “We’ve sold our home and nearly all our possessions. We’re converting a 1999 GMC Diesel Mini Bus (That we affectionately refer to as ‘A Little Furthur’ or ‘ALFie’) into a veggie oil and solar-powered RV in order to embark upon a skill-gathering, culinary exploration across the United States (and beyond!). Along the way we will be touring some of the most interesting micro and permaculture farms, alternative energy systems,  and underground food movements across the nation; in addition to learning some very useful self-sufficiency skills, and sharing the stories of others who have embarked upon major life and career upheavals. We’re writing a book and working on some multimedia projects from the road! This quest is our investment in adventure. This is our journey to find the freedom to Enjoy The Now. ”

We commend Kristina and David and for following their vision and walking the talk!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for being fellow DOers!!!

Here is a link to their full blog about their visit to Daily Organics with so many beautiful pics!!

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