The Me Behind Daily Organics


Sweet Lima!

Billy Shapiro asked that I share a bit of the me behind Daily Organics. Billy, I thought about your request and thought to share this special time in my life with all our friends and fans out there.

Until one has loved an animal, part of ones soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France

A few years back my only brother told me he pulled the big “C”. I was humbled and sadden to learn that he had terminal lung cancer and had perhaps 6 months left to live. At the same time my daughter was discovering the “HELL” that middle school had to offer. And for me, I was deep in the throws of hot flashes and mood swings, AKA menopause and let me tell you, just dealing with one of these issues can be enough to push one over the edge. I decided to put my landscape design projects in the slow lane to be fully present for my brother and daughter. I spent countless hours and days shuttling Rodney to the V.A in Westwood (Vietnam Vet) as well as drop offs and pick ups to and from my daughters school both interspersed with consults with doctors and teachers. This went on for two the extent that I thought I’d go mad! There seemed no downtime for Renee, frantic calls from my brother dealing with the symptoms of cancer..or in my daughter’s case, the first break-up and subsequent melt downs.

My brother fought the good fight, but the big “C” as he called it took him to the other side. I held him in my arms as he took his last breath one and a half years from when he was first diagnosed. My heart was heavy as I went through the motions of mothering. My daughter and I went to our separate corners emotionally. I knew we needed something to bring us together again…but what? I was exhausted. Two months later a tiny two or three month old Lima was walking down the street as if she knew where she was going and walked up our walkway! You can imagine the look on our faces wondering where this little dog came from??? My daughter pleaded for us to keep her which we did, all the while hoping that no signs would go up in the neighborhood announcing her missing.  This little angel became the foundation for rebuilding our mother daughter relationship after a tough time for us as a family.

Lima is now four and expecting her first litter of puppies any day now! I’m excited and nervous to say the least. Lima’s puppies will be an extension of a profound love and healing in our lives. To that, I want to be with Lima when she gives birth so there will be NO Daily Organics pop-up this weekend. I will be back next weekend August 24th and 25th. I’ll miss you you have become a part of my extended family! Send any requests you have via email, or feel free to post here on Facebook or Twitter! I’ll post pictures! Thank you ALL for your continued support…we’re DOING this together!!! This ones for you Rodney!!

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