Our DOers Rock – read what this one said!

One of our newest DOers, Judith Shelton,, shared her experience last weekend:

I went on a little adventure today with a friend and ended up at a one woman mini-farmer’s market. I don’t know if I’m having a neurological meltdown, but the fruit I bought is like candy. That’s an understatement, it’s like the BEST candy anyone has ever made. I bought concord grapes. Listen, these concord grapes make me want to weep. Also, I bought 6 Pineapple Guavas. When I tasted these funny green things, I did a little dance. A flavor I have never, ever known. How can I live in this first world country and, I am sorry to say, only know concord grapes from grape jelly? Maybe I had them as a kid, but where did they go? I am baffled. But on the other hand, so grateful that this woman picked all these treats and brought them to a little piece of sidewalk just so I could try them. Let’s get produce back to where it actually tastes luscious and alive!

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