Renee’s Corner

empty corner

The Corner before…

The only traffic this corner knew was the stray cat or dog leaving their calling card for any transient four legged guest. There used to live a dog, part husky part wolf that howled incessantly at any signs of life on the other side of his domain because this was HIS corner, or so he thought.

Cimarron (folks always add an additional ‘m’ since it has two r’s) is a confusing thoroughfare that travels north to south between Adams and Jefferson through a welcoming neighborhood called Jefferson Park in the west Adams Historical District of Los Angeles.

Usually not much happened on this street, other than the California roll through the stop signs, folks walking on their way to church on sunday mornings or the characteristic rattle of wheels on metal shopping carts corralled by recyclers on their way to the recycling center.

full cornerThe Corner After…

One day a hybrid Sunflower sprang up on the corner I call Mdm. Le Fleur, my mascot welcoming all to the Organic pop-up produce stand of Daily Organics! Folks driving by thought I was setting up a garage sale, asking, “what cha sellin”? I’d reply, Organic Produce! Most would drive on scratching their heads..surely that didn’t compute. Organic produce seems to be an anomaly in these parts! Week after week, little by little on this lonely corner a change is taking place!

People drive by waving a hello or calling out a  good morning, folks are meeting each other for the first time gathering on what is called, Renee’s Corner talking about food, life and community! It’s a gathering spot teaming with the energy of regulars, newbies and the out of town followers stopping by while on vacation in Los Angeles! We’re creating community from the inside out!
It’s really an incredible experience the kind of sharing that takes place on so many levels. Truly fascinating and such a privilege! We’re doing this together!!!

One thought on “Renee’s Corner

  1. Karen king says:

    I love this Renee, met you over a year ago. See you each Sunday after leaving church near by. Had to introduce you to my sister. The conversations, the produce, breads enjoyed it all. This is really what a community is all about.

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