Neighbors of Daily Organics


On any given week..
It’s not unusual to see and hear the Fire station #26 ambulance roaring down our streets. This time it was Noel that suffered a massive heart attack a couple of years back that required quadruple by pass surgery. He fell into a deep depression at the thought of loosing his ability to spend time with his grand children and lost his will to live.
His daughter, ever vigilant rallied him, encouraging him that his strength would return little by little if he exercised by taking baby steps and eat clean nourishing food. Perhaps Noel felt the love of his grand children (5) boys who all rode his shoulders with the eldest now 17 years young. They ALL beam with joy at the sight of their Abuelo!!
Today while on my dog walk I’m greeted by Noel and his youngest grandson taking the honored place a top of his shoulders.
Love heals…a little good organic food helps too!