Our DOers Rock – read what this one said!

One of our newest DOers, Judith Shelton,, shared her experience last weekend:

I went on a little adventure today with a friend and ended up at a one woman mini-farmer’s market. I don’t know if I’m having a neurological meltdown, but the fruit I bought is like candy. That’s an understatement, it’s like the BEST candy anyone has ever made. I bought concord grapes. Listen, these concord grapes make me want to weep. Also, I bought 6 Pineapple Guavas. When I tasted these funny green things, I did a little dance. A flavor I have never, ever known. How can I live in this first world country and, I am sorry to say, only know concord grapes from grape jelly? Maybe I had them as a kid, but where did they go? I am baffled. But on the other hand, so grateful that this woman picked all these treats and brought them to a little piece of sidewalk just so I could try them. Let’s get produce back to where it actually tastes luscious and alive!

The Me Behind Daily Organics


Sweet Lima!

Billy Shapiro asked that I share a bit of the me behind Daily Organics. Billy, I thought about your request and thought to share this special time in my life with all our friends and fans out there.

Until one has loved an animal, part of ones soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France

A few years back my only brother told me he pulled the big “C”. I was humbled and sadden to learn that he had terminal lung cancer and had perhaps 6 months left to live. At the same time my daughter was discovering the “HELL” that middle school had to offer. And for me, I was deep in the throws of hot flashes and mood swings, AKA menopause and let me tell you, just dealing with one of these issues can be enough to push one over the edge. I decided to put my landscape design projects in the slow lane to be fully present for my brother and daughter. I spent countless hours and days shuttling Rodney to the V.A in Westwood (Vietnam Vet) as well as drop offs and pick ups to and from my daughters school both interspersed with consults with doctors and teachers. This went on for two years..to the extent that I thought I’d go mad! There seemed no downtime for Renee, frantic calls from my brother dealing with the symptoms of cancer..or in my daughter’s case, the first break-up and subsequent melt downs.

My brother fought the good fight, but the big “C” as he called it took him to the other side. I held him in my arms as he took his last breath one and a half years from when he was first diagnosed. My heart was heavy as I went through the motions of mothering. My daughter and I went to our separate corners emotionally. I knew we needed something to bring us together again…but what? I was exhausted. Two months later a tiny two or three month old Lima was walking down the street as if she knew where she was going and walked up our walkway! You can imagine the look on our faces wondering where this little dog came from??? My daughter pleaded for us to keep her which we did, all the while hoping that no signs would go up in the neighborhood announcing her missing.  This little angel became the foundation for rebuilding our mother daughter relationship after a tough time for us as a family.

Lima is now four and expecting her first litter of puppies any day now! I’m excited and nervous to say the least. Lima’s puppies will be an extension of a profound love and healing in our lives. To that, I want to be with Lima when she gives birth so there will be NO Daily Organics pop-up this weekend. I will be back next weekend August 24th and 25th. I’ll miss you all..as you have become a part of my extended family! Send any requests you have via email, or feel free to post here on Facebook or Twitter! I’ll post pictures! Thank you ALL for your continued support…we’re DOING this together!!! This ones for you Rodney!!

Free Range Quest is DOing it right!

ImageWe had a visit a few weeks back from Free Range Quest – the awesome David and Kristina.

They write: “We’ve sold our home and nearly all our possessions. We’re converting a 1999 GMC Diesel Mini Bus (That we affectionately refer to as ‘A Little Furthur’ or ‘ALFie’) into a veggie oil and solar-powered RV in order to embark upon a skill-gathering, culinary exploration across the United States (and beyond!). Along the way we will be touring some of the most interesting micro and permaculture farms, alternative energy systems,  and underground food movements across the nation; in addition to learning some very useful self-sufficiency skills, and sharing the stories of others who have embarked upon major life and career upheavals. We’re writing a book and working on some multimedia projects from the road! This quest is our investment in adventure. This is our journey to find the freedom to Enjoy The Now. ”

We commend Kristina and David and for following their vision and walking the talk!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for being fellow DOers!!!

Here is a link to their full blog about their visit to Daily Organics with so many beautiful pics!!

Being of service to community


Thank you to my hosts Lindy & Grundy and La Maison Du Pain for a great Saturday!

I have the real pleasure to meet so many interesting folk that have included me in their lives. Weekly I’m greeted with sincere affection in smiles, hugs and shared stories. Every week new and returning people are making Daily Organics a part of their weekends.

There is also a constant environment of all breeds of dogs facilitated by outdoor dining and in the case of Lindy & Grundy, a wonderful pet store which hosts dog and cat adoption on Saturdays.

Lively conversation fills the air giving me the sense that I’m the local produce lady in a resort town somewhere. At La Maison Du Pain there is a vintage V.W. bus that travels from west to east about the same time each Saturday. I can usually hear that distinct engine a half block away! The driver and the bus look as though they’ve been friends a long time…

In short, I’m part of a changing landscape in an environment centered around food, dogs and happy people. That’s what DO! is all about! I’m just goin where the love is.

Thank you all out there in this cyber world for “liking” what we’re DOING! Thank you for showing me that I’m supported in my wacky idea to feed folks!!! We’ve only just begun!

One more thing…
I want to thank my friend David Weinstein for telling me to DO it! Without David, this opportunity would not have been possible! Thank you Ann-Sophie Morrissette for ALL that you do and to our Creative team which you so skillfully curated!!! There are Angels watching over Daily Organics!

I’m grateful to be of service to my community!!!!

Why I DO what I DO


Mr. Carter enjoying his grapes!

Remember the story last week about a young diabetic man passing through my neighborhood?

Mr. Carter came to the Daily Organics stand this weekend as promised…and as promised, I had his red seedless grapes! As he walked towards me from crossing the street he said,”I bet you didn’t think I would come.” I said, “I hoped you would come because I have your grapes!”

His eyes lit up as I handed him the bag of sweet crisp grapes. He immediately reached in the bag pulling free a grape, popped it in his mouth like a true connoisseur of the fruit. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes. His smile gave me the impression that he was being transported to a places called bliss.

This was a privilege to experience. Thank you Mr. Carter for showing me the true meaning of being a HUMAN BEING.

The humble peach

peach newA young man was walking down the street that I had seen before but knew he didn’t live on my street. He walked with an unsteady gait, but with determination. His clothes were modest, his hair braided in cornrows and I couldn’t help but notice his yellowing sad eyes.

I said “Good morning” which surprised him and provoked a slight smile. I said, “Where do you live?” He said he lived about 6 blocks from here, and that he helps an old man down the street running errands. The two met in dialysis a few years back. The man in his eighties “needs help with things, so I help him out,” he said.

The young man was on his way to get a hamburger because his blood sugar was low and he didn’t feel good. I asked him to wait – I wanted to give him something. I ran into the house and got one of the Masumoto peaches and handed it to him, I said, “Eat it..NOW!”

He bit into the peach, juice squirted everywhere and ran between his fingers. The smile on his face rose like the morning sun, his eyes widened as he slurped the juice taking bite after bite of his peach. Between bites all he said was “WOW!” Before he finished I ran into the house and got another peach and handed it to him. Without hesitation he devoured the second peach. I could see his energy returning as he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his hoodie. He said he never tasted anything so delicious, especially fruit!

I told him about my produce stand on Sundays and that he deserves to have this kind of experience every time he eats a piece of fruit. He asked if I ever get grapes because he LOVES red seedless grapes! I said yes, and will have some for him this weekend. He said he couldn’t buy any this weekend because his SSI check comes on the 30th, but the following weekend. I said, “No worries, the grapes this weekend will be on the house. But now you know where I’ll be… EVERY Sunday.” He thanked me, shook my hand and carried on… perhaps thinking twice about that hamburger.

These are the reminders of why I do what I do…no matter how difficult, tired, un-profitable…DO has the intention of changing lives, of giving back. I’m humbled.

Peaches that make you go Mmmmm!


Lynn looking cheeky with a Masumoto peach!

The peaches from Masumoto Family Farm have folks talking! We’re thrilled to be providing these delicious organically-grown fruits to our DO community.

The Masumotos are a family-run farm with Mas and Marcy Masumoto at the helm, and their children Nikiko and Korio following the family lineage as artists and farmers.

The Masumotos have just released a new cookbook, with prop styling by my friend Amy Paliwoda that has us salivating. Check it out and start the summer off right with some scrumptious peach recipes!

Visit DO this weekend for some Masumoto peaches and other treats!

On the Road Again with Rosco

About four years ago I decided to sell my,”mommy car”. For years I chauffeured my kids around in what boasts to be one of  the safest cars on the road. Volvo, you know ,”Volvo for Life”! Premium sound, leather seats with warmers, surround air bags, you know, all the extra’s to keep you alive in the event of an accident. I’m thinking that the car’s price tag is nothing compared to the value of my kids lives!Right? Well, I value my kids lives, but it’s time for them to take the bus! Years of no gratitude, just attitude revealed that it was time to do something for myself. I sold the Volvo to another starry eyed mom wanting to protect her kid’s lives with one of the safest cars on the road! (until they reach 15 or so) I set out to find something special. It had to be a truck with a little something special going on. I can’t drive around in an anonymous half-ton..my truck would be a cool vintage work-truck!Daily  I checked the adds in the paper, always on the lookout for something that called out to me! My kids thought I had lost my mind, why would I sell our perfectly comfortable XC90 for a rickety old beater?? You can visualize the rolllllll of the eyes with the exasperated, MOMMMMMM!!! My reply, “take the bus!” BUT, MOM!!!!!

Imagine the look on their faces when the tow truck pulled up to the house with this! Three flats, a non-operative engine, rust, and the remnants of a sign which gave me a clue to it’s previous incarnation,”No Butt crack Plumbing”! This my friends is a Corvair Rampside pick-up or known as Corvair 95. There were about ten thousand made between 1961 to 1963. This is a sixty two. It would take some work, but since when have I been afraid of a challenge?

The truck had been sitting on the storage lot for more than 7 years, this I now know because of the back fees I had to cough up! I got the usual, “Do you know what you’re getting into?” Have you lost your mind?

This is what I call recycling!! Anyone can buy a new truck! How many folks are going to take the time to restore anything? This is one truck the landfill would not get! I found an amazing mechanic that specializes in Corvair’s with a mobile service that comes to your house! For the next 6 months we would schedule work days on the truck. I was the handy assistant, learning about my truck and taking care of the smaller details and research. I worked on my gardens in between working on the truck which helped to finance the restoration. I felt certain that the truck would generate additional business just for the cool factor!

I have a new vocabulary as it relates to truck parts! It has definitely generated a new learning curve of which I’m grateful!! It is a work in progress and  totally sound! It squeaks, rumbles, and bounces to it’s destination! Along the way, I get high signs, shout outs like, “cool truck!”, “nice ride”! When I pulled up to the nursery the other day the truck created quite the buzz! The guys swapped stories about the classics they’ve had, wanted to take pictures with the truck,

There was even a bit of jockeying as to  who would load my  order on the truck! Roscoe brought such a high energy to the nursery! When I pulled off the guys sort of lined up to get a parting look all waving simultaneously ! It really made the day! Who knew how restoring this cool truck would affect the lives of so many folks out there!

Jesse is one of the nurserymen who has helped me with my orders for more than15 years!

Now, with Daily Organics, Rosco is a member of the family, making the rounds, being cool…and just having fun!

Someone’s abandoned trash is now my treasure. Recycling takes many forms, nothing preachy..have some fun, create something, but by all means step out of your comfort zone and do SOMETHING!! In the meantime, I’ll see you on the road!