On the road again..


Every week I’m thinking about what’s in season, what kinds of produce my customers are cooking and are interested in cooking. What new varieties of produce do I have the pleasure of introducing to folks daring to try something new! I want the people who  find themselves at Daily Organics to have an adventure, to awaken their taste buds to new possibilities, to fall in love with cooking and sharing! Generally speaking, we’ve fallen into a pattern of fast food, fast living and eating on the road. Where is the love in that? Taking a few paces back we have the opportunity to slow it down, just a little. Taking some “me” time, participating in the life sustaining ritual of nourishment! You know what’s in your food when you prepare it yourselves, and  taking the time to prepare a meal, you can actually taste all the flavors and want to share! Slow food is good food! This is what Daily Organics is about, empowering folks think about what they put in their bodies and having a healthier relationship with their food. It’s a good thing! 

Tools of the trade…………

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I spent so much time not appreciating my hands, they not beautiful like hands featured in magazines, they are wrinkly,dry most often, crooked and calloused. It dawned on me today that they are the best features on my body as they have created so much beauty in nature and art, nurtured my children and the children of others, grown food, cooked food, fixed the broken, been broken, healed and held my brother during his last breaths,held those in need and of love and participates in giving meaningful hugs on a regular basis. Today I embrace my hands as they continue to do best what they do unconditionally.