Often it’s the small things that matter most!

An unfamiliar car parked in front of my home and a familiar face (out of uniform) exited to walk the path to my front door; before he could knock, I opened the door as I could see him approaching from my office window. A bit surprised and a little timid Omar greeted me in his usual courteous manner, “hello Ms. Gunter. Omar is our mail carrier in the neighborhood. He extended his hand which held a blue snowman covered gift bag offering it to me wishing me a happy holiday. In it was a large blue scented candle and a To Do notepad with the word Paris written across the top.He said, “I hope you like it” as I opened the package surprised and grateful at the gesture. He said, “I really like you Ms. Gunter”. I thanked him and gave him a hug. This was Omar’s day off in which he took the time to find an appropriate gift, wrap it, drive his car from wherever he lives to wish me well. I share this because you never know how you affect someone’s life. Throughout the year I offer him water on hot days, a jar of jam or a piece of fruit but most importantly, I respect him and the service he provides in making sure my mail arrives safely. Those bags are heavy with circulars and Omar has been a carrier for over twenty years! I can only imagine the occupational hazard on his body.One day, and perhaps sooner than later Omar will retire as his body is resisting the repetitive strain on his shoulder and arm. I do not take the services or the people in my life for granted. I’m grateful for Omar and will think of him when I light the November scented candle.Thank you Omar